Monday, March 31, 2014

Making a KnifeSheath

This post shows some basic steps in producing a simple project.

..and here is the second video - it is long but shows the full basket weave stamping and border stamping.

The first basket weave shows Chan Geer's method of getting the basketweave perfect every time!

If you want to see this method of doing basket weave in print, contact the 

Leather Crafters and Saddler's Journal.   

They can help you with back issues that the articles about basketweave was printed.

Video number five shows the saddle stitch by hand, using two needles and an awl in hand.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Basic Beveling Tips

Forgive the light in the video, but I did want to show you up close what the beveler does and how it should be handled:

This video is a bit longer and shows a few more refinements.  The design is not ideal - I was helping somebody with it - but it helps explain quite a few good points about beveling:

And here is a 2020 update.  I did this vodeo specifically for another post in the blog that showed most of tooling steps.

Updated May 2020