Saturday, March 16, 2024


I cannot remember where I saw this first.  It was long ago, but it has become one of my signature decorations on projects.

This is how I achieve a very effective border: 

 Mark two parallel lines with a compass.   
Cut them with a swivel knife.  
Now use a lined sharp-tip beveler [F910] along one of the lines to make one row of indents and then turn the leather around to make the row of indents along the other cut line.  
The smooth and checkered bevelers, with the same shape, does not have the same good effect, but try them by all means, you might like their effect more.

My friend Dawson recently came up with this clever variation:
  • In the bottom row, A is first beveled on the inside of two cut lines - sections B and C is not beveled at all.
  • In the top row, the inside of the cut lines were first beveled for all the sections.
  • Sections A and B were done with the basic V407 veiner; C and D with a larger one and E with a smaller veiner.

Another friend, Jeanne, came up with a very striking variation:   simply a different spacing:

Jeanne did this:

I hope this can inspire you!

[First published Oct 31 2007
Updated March 2024]

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  1. Thank you Johan, I've learned a lot from your page and am really enjoying your techniques.