Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top Hat 2

This is a continuation of the instructions started in Top Hat 1

To make the next step easier, get the lower rim of the bowl a bit damp again and curl it outward with your fingers as shown on these two images.

In the next picture you can see how the bottom rim of the bowl is going to fit in between the two layers of the brim of the hat.  I find it easier to first stitch these to the bowl before I glue the two of them together - their holes have to align perfectly and that will be near to impossible if you first glue them together.

Stitching the bowl to the rim will mean that you stitch through three layers - from the top:  
* first through the top brim layer, the one than was cut to exact size
* then through the bent up bottom edge of the bowl
* and below that through the "upside down" brim piece that was cut oversize.

The trick with the sewing now is not to miss any one of the three holes that you have to go through.  Again I am just using a running stitch.

I wanted the brim of this small little hat to be totally flat and it was slightly wrinkled - so I weighed it down overnight before I glued it.

With my fingers I slightly spread the two brim pieces apart and apply the contact cement on both sides in between.
If I then want to curl the brim up on both sides, I do one side at a time:  first curl up only the upper brim part and then with your other hand, fold the bottom brim part over so that they get attached in shape.

All that remains is to trim the excess off the bottom brim part to exactly match the top part and then smooth and treat the edge.

If you make the brim of the Hombre cowbay hat narrower, you get a nice Fedora style hat.

My second cowboy hat was done in 2-3oz leather and still keeps its shape nicely.

My first Hombre cowboy hat - made from 5-6oz leather - too heavy, but it sits so comfortably that I don't feel the bit of extra weight.

I made the bowl part of this top hat longer and with interchangeable hatbands it becomes a Christmas hat!

Two half size cowboy hats that were given as novelty trophies at a men's retreat.

A whole bunch of half size hats I made for someone to sell at an Irish Fair.  For some bowls I used pre-tooled leather that I just had to dye.

When sewing the brim to the bowl, I sewed in a mask I made, to make a bad-ass haloween outfit.  (The eye is made of leather as well.)

Have fun!!

[Updated April 28, 2020]

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