Wednesday, October 23, 2019


X1 was a top sealer/dressing sold by Tandy a few years ago - it was a follow up of Darke's dressing.

It had the advantage of doing a very subtle "antiquing" effect on tooling. 

 GOOD NEWS:  Realeather now sells it as One Step Leather Dressing!   We do not have to be without it any more. 

 On this piece I first dyed the darker patches with water-based dye; then applied the One Step dressing on the whole piece:


 You can see how it only enhances the burnishing that happened during tooling (look at the border stamping). 

 I recently experimented with a mixture (50/50) of X1 (that I still had left from before - I bought a whole box full when it was discontinued)  and Eco-Flo Hi-Lite Stain. Before:  

This video shows the effect it has and how easy it is to apply:

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