Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Starting a 4 strand braid

Got a new camera to do POV videos with and I have a lot to learn!

Here is the first one - starting a four strand round braid with one color and no core.

Don't despair if you drop your strands and everything looks confusing (I usually keep a bull clip handy to keep the loose strands in place if I have to take a break):

And here is the same thing, but with a core.  I use artificial sinew for the core.  It is waxed and therefor sticky, so the braiding sticks to it and keeps snug all the time.

I know it makes for a lot of repetition, but that is a good thing.  All aspect in braiding should be practiced over and over and over until you can do it while watching TV.

So, here - starting the same four strand braid, but using two colors.

The first method will give you a spiral pattern around the braid:

And if you start it this way, you will end up with a diamond pattern running up the length of the braided cord:

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