Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plug Embossing

Made this project in August of 2008.

This project shows some steps in embossing by shaping plugs over which the outer layer of leather will be formed.

One of the first steps is putting a second layer of leather on the plug. I lay the tracing film over the bottom plug layer and trace the outline - i.e. the size I want to cut the leather for the second layer. I also trace the lines that indicate the "valleys" between muscles, so that I can cut those into the plug. 

The plug very much simulates the actual final carving as far as detail is concerned.

  The next step is cutting out the plug:
 ...and then you glue the piece of leather onto the rest ...
 Let's swap to the other arm where the glue has dried and here we start the sculpting proper:

To see a gallery of photographs of the steps to complete this project, have a look at this blog POST.

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