Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plug Embossing 2

 Here is a gallery of the steps to complete the project started in this blog POST.

Extra pieces are placed on top of the first plug layer where I want it raised a bit more:

The three separate plug pieces are done, and ready to be glued on the back of the main piece of  leather:

The back of the leather after the first round of beveling. It leaves a mark on the back that will help positioning the plug piece:

Starting to add color - first to the test piece:

My brown bckground made the guy's body look too yellow.  So an artist suggested I add some red to the brown, and so I use a mahogany antique gel to get the background just perfect:

The person who framed the project for me, also insisted on framing the test piece, so that it could always accompany the big picture:

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