Sunday, September 6, 2020

Homeschool Project 1

Here is the first post with video specifically made for homeschoolers.  

I will show you here to make cable organizers that will keep your earphone and charger cables well contained.

It is a guidance for parents - your guiding of the kids will be required.

I will update this post as I get feedback/questions.  Just leave your comment below this post.

First the requirements:

  1. A sturdy work surface - like a solid wood table.  For tooling/stamping, you will ideally need a piece of granite / marble about 20mm (1") thick.   These are sold at leathercraft suppliers, but you can also get free pieces from places that manufacture tomb stones and kitchen surfaces.
  2. A piece of leather - the thickness to start with would be 5 - 6 oz (the weight of one square foot of leather).
  3. A cutting surface like a kitchen cutting board - wood does not work.
  4. Any very sharp knife - you will see the one I use in the video.
  5. A scratch awl - just a sharp tipped tool to mark the leather, like scribing around your cardboard templates..
  6. A few stamping tools - typically sold by Tandy Leather.
By request, here is a list of the tools from Tandy Leather.
You can also see their full catalog at:

Tandy catalog numbers:

  • Scratch awl - 3217-00
  • Craft knife - 3593-01
  • Conditioner - 21978-00
  • Camouflage tool - 6431-00
  • Seeder tool - 6706-00
  • Beveler 6801-00
For setting the snaps:
  • Line 20 Snaps - 1261-01
  • Setter - 8057-00
  • Anvil - 8105-10
And here is the video showing it all happen:

To set the snaps listed above:

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