Friday, September 11, 2020


 I did some marbling on leather very many years ago in South Africa and recently my interest was sparked again by the ingenious methods Steven Miller came up with where he floats dyes on shaving cream!

Here are a few tests I did using his Shaving Cream method.  Really easy to do!

This is Steven's Facebook video showing him do the shaving cream method:


Classic Marbling on Leather

So here are my first tests again with the classic marbling method:

In the first one, there were still lumps of carrageenan in the water and that interfered with the ink floating on top.  But the effect is not totally unwelcome.

I then put the thickened water in a blender and got the lumps out, but that creates a lot of bubbles.  So I had to let it sit a while and siphon the thick water from the bottom and into the tray.

In the third one I did the minimum of swirling with the toothpick to get a different effect.

I will add to this post as I get questions in the comments below and when I do more of these.

The materials used in the videos:
  • Carrageenan to thicken the water
  • Inks made for marbling by Jacquard
Hope you can have fun with this!

One secret I discovered the hard way, is not to rinse off the thick water, after picking the leather out of the tub.  Simply lay it down on a paper towel and let it dry over night - the colors will remain nice and bright / crisp.

Updated Oct 16, 2022

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  1. I really enjoy all your videos, in your test with the carageenan, Do you have any opinions on how alcohol dyes would work with that or do you think it would dissipate into something not effective. I think the carageenan has better flow.