Saturday, October 31, 2020

Border Fun


There is no end to what you can do with all the stamping tools in your arsenal - whether you have three or three hundred. 

I was asked how the ball border was done that is found on the first photo of our guild calendar:   

So here are two possibilities:   

A:  Draw the first line of the border  (I would do these first 5 steps first on a cut off piece of leather to get all the settings correct) 

B:  Cut the one line with a swivel knife. 

C:  Bevel the inside of the line. 

D:  Place the seeder impressions (here is used S864 - a big smooth seeder) 

E:  Set the compass according to the seeder size, draw the second line, cut it and bevel the inside of that line.  

F:  A very effective simple border! 

G:  You can add another parallel cut and beveled line on either side for a more prominent effect. Here is a related effect with a different tool. It is a D444 - designed for a meander border. 

H:  Used on its own between two cut and beveled lines. 

I:  A smooth seeder added in the middle of each circle. 

More fun: I have really liked doing the rope edge effect with the lined triangle beveler (F910) 

[Search here for 'ROPE' to see the other instructions]. 

Well, someone I am helping getting started took that and did a variation and also came up with a cool border done with a basket weave stamp! Here is a close up - in this section the inside lines of the two swivel line cuts were beveled first with a textured beveler.  

In this one no bevelling was done before the basketweave was stamped with the F910 along the lines.  

In this video are some ideas about using veiners and specifically as borders around a backgrounded area:

(It was a Facebook Live video - so maybe a bit longwinded and in an unusual format)

First Published Jan 2013
Update Feb 2020 & July 2020

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