Friday, October 30, 2020

Leaf Liner Weave

Many years ago I explored tooled weaving patterns that was a bit different from basketweave stamping.  So a fellow leatherworker who was also a tool maker, made me two stamps that could do this.  Here is a progression of a weave stamped with these two tools:


The other day I started playing with a leaf liner stamp - you can do many different weaves with is stamp.  (At the end of this post is a video that shows how I hold the stamps to achieve the weaving bars. This first sequence I started with, ended up in a weave pattern with an open block between the weaves:


 So then I made it so that every bar does a over-two-under-two pattern:


 Which led to this weave: 


 Here is the pattern I like most - the weaving bars are angled such that the angle between them is less than 90 degrees and the stamp impressions are a bit closer together:  


.. and here you can see the same weave with a different sized leaf liner stamp:


 And here is the video showing the details of holding the tool - it is my second test with the new camera from Aldi:


First Published Aug 2018

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